Crazy Facts About Dubai

Crazy Facts About Dubai

Arranged on the southeast bank of Persian Gulf, Dubai is the most crowded city of the United Arab Emirates. It is a cosmopolitan desert spring of ultramodern design and lavish way of life. Dubai is, truth be told, a shining microcosm gently shared by different societies from all sides of the world. It’s a speculative chemistry of cutting edge vision and significant conventions. Other than being the social center point of the Persian Gulf, Dubai has a sack loaded with fascinating realities. Here are some fascinating realities about Dubai worth knowing:


Involving a region of around 4,120 square kilometers, Dubai is the biggest emirate in the UAE, after Abu Dhabi. With Sharjah in the upper east, Abu Dhabi in the south and Oman in the southeast. Dubai is arranged along the Persian Gulf’s southern coast on the Arabian Peninsula.

Starting point of Name

The word ‘Dubai’ is accepted to have been started from ‘Daba’ – truly meaning a crowd of beetles.


Despite the fact that oil and petroleum products are to a great extent the premise of Dubai’s economy, its flourishing the travel industry and exchange situation causes it to round up gigantic salary.

0% Crime

The wrongdoing rate in Dubai is so low. Practically it is 0% crosswise over Dubai. That is the reason this city is viewed as one of the most secure urban communities on earth. The law is so strict in Dubai. Then again, the general population of Dubai are kept up with brimming with the ethical quality.

Home to the world’s tallest building

Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest working on the planet with a stature of 828 m (830 m to tip) and 163 stories. Burj Khalifa is additionally home to the world’s most noteworthy eatery, most astounding mosque, most noteworthy club, and most elevated observatory deck.


Because of its area in the northern desert belt, Dubai includes a tropical desert atmosphere, with incredibly sweltering and dry summers and gentle winters. While the temperature as a rule goes higher than 44 degree Celsius amid summer, it ranges from 15 to 24 degree Celsius in winter. The days are radiant consistently. The best time to visit the spot is from December through March when the atmosphere is agreeable and salubrious.

Developed city


It is one of the quickest developing urban communities in the entire world. There were only 13 to 14 vehicles in Dubai in 1968 however the image has been changed up until now. However at this point the traffic of Dubai is so awful. And it turned out to be so blocked in view of advancement. So as to defeat this issue twofold Decker streets for transportation are presented here.


Dubai is notable as a city of high rises. In any case, little might be known to numerous that in 1991, the Dubai World Trade Center was the main high rise in the city. After two decades now, Dubai is home to in excess of 410 high rises including Burj Khalifa – the tallest of its sort on the planet.

World’s biggest gold chain

The world’s biggest gold chain is in Dubai. It was made amid DSF-1999. All out 22 kg of gold was utilized. And the length of the chain was 4.2 km. The all out chain was purchased by 9600 individuals. In wrist trinket size and neckband wear pieces.

Once a Centre of Flourishing Pearl Industry

Sometime before oil and vacation spots turned into the district’s prime wellspring of meat and potatoes, Dubai delighted in the status as a huge pearl cultivating focus amid the nineteenth and mid twentieth hundreds of years. The pearl business later crumpled because of First World War, Great Depression and development of refined pearl by the Japanese, among numerous different components.

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