Chicken biryani Recipe

Ingredients Basmati rice, Butter, Large onion, Indian spices, vegetables, Skinless chicken breasts, Dried fruits, Bay leaf, Cardamom pods, small cinnamon stick, turmeric, curry paste, raisins, chicken stock, coriander,   About Chicken biryani is its love to taste and impacts from various parts of the world, particularly from the Mughals. It’s one dish that is extremely … Read moreChicken biryani Recipe

Aloo Tikki recipe

Ingredients Boiled potato (smashed), spice chili powder, coriander leaves, Bread crumbs, refined oil, boiled crushed peas, Chaat masala, Corn flour, Salt, etc. About Straight from the Indian boulevards into the solace of your homes, a fresh blend of peas, potatoes and flavors. Aloo Tikki has for some time been a solace road nourishment the nation … Read moreAloo Tikki recipe

Roasted Poha recipe

Ingredients Thin poha, Oil, Mustard seeds, Green chili, Curry leaves, Peanuts, Roasted chana dal, Dried coconut slices, Turmeric powder, Salt, sugar, etc. About Chivda is a general term given to a dry hot blend. There are numerous sorts of chivda. Thin poha chivda. Thick poha chivda. Corn drops chivda. Puffed rice (churmure, kurmure, kadle puri) … Read moreRoasted Poha recipe

Murmura Ladoo recipe

About Fresh ladoos made with puffed rice and liquid jaggery, crunchy exquisite that won’t let you prevent from eating only one. Murmura ladoo is very filling and are among a standout amongst the most adored sweet treats around. Despite the fact that puffed rice isn’t generally healthfully rich, it is light on the stomach and … Read moreMurmura Ladoo recipe

Kanda Pakoda recipe

About These fresh squanders are arranged for the most part with onion and gram flour. Kanda Bhajiya is a famous road sustenance nibble in Maharashtra. There are numerous varieties to setting them up. This is firm, scrumptious Kanda Bhajiya. Figure out how to make Kanda Bhajiya. Present with garlic-groundnut chutney and some tea.   Ingredients … Read moreKanda Pakoda recipe

Kanda Poha

Ingredients Poha, Oil, Mustard seeds, Onion, Curry leaves, Red chillies, Potatoes, Turmeric, Salt, Green chillies, Coriander leaves, etc. About Aloo Poha is a speedy and simple breakfast formula that is made utilizing squeezed rice and potato. It is a North Indian formula which is cherished by children. This light dish can be an incredible nibble … Read moreKanda Poha

Bread omelet

Ingredients Bread, Eggs, Turmeric powder, Red Chilly powder, Salt, Onion, Tomato, Oil, Cilantro leaves and Green chilly, etc. About Bread Omelet is one of the snappiest breakfast formulas that you can assemble that is likewise exceptionally delicious and filling. It is very normal to discover bread omelet in railroad stations, school flasks and some little … Read moreBread omelet


Ingredients Maida, Potato, Peas, Onion, Spices, Green chili, etc. About Our beloved samosa did not start in India. In the event that we pass by the reports and actualities, samosa started amid the tenth century in the Middle East locale. However, on account of its astounding person to person communication abilities, it shrewdly adjusted to … Read moreSamosa