5+ unknown facts about PM Modi

5+ unknown facts about PM Modi

Nobody needs an introduction to the name ‘ Narendra Modi.

#5+ unknown facts about Narendra Modi

The pioneer of the world’s biggest majority rules system was chosen with a gigantic command as far back as the 1984 races. Narendra Modi, the man driving 1.2 billion individuals is the fifteenth Prime Minister of India. He is additionally the primary PM to be conceived in a free India. Narendra Modi took oath as the second Prime Minister on May 30th following a thumping majority at the Lok Sabha Polls 2019. So let’s explore some of the interesting facts about the story of this dynamic leader:

1. Youthful Modi Wanted To Join Army

child modii

As a kid, Narendra Modi dreamt for serving in the Indian Army. Modi’s adoration for his nation began youthfully. He filled in as a volunteer to the India armed force at the railroad stations amid the Indo-Pak war of 1965. He additionally helped the flood unfortunate casualties in Gujarat in 1967.

2. He used to work in a shop selling tea

selling tea

Subsequent to looking for intelligence and direction from the scholarly yogis, Modi chose to return to the world and carry on with a typical life. He started by selling tea in ‘kulhads’ at his uncle’s bottle in Ahmedabad at Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation. A ‘unique tea’ cost 2 annas and a ‘typical tea’ one anna.

3. Modi: A Wanderer!


At the point when most young people consider their profession at 17 years old, Narendra Modi chose to leave home for traversing India. This choice changed an incredible course as amid his movement he ran over numerous societies of India and met various individuals. Amid this period he likewise visited the Himalayas and went through right around two years as a sanyasi with the yogic sadhus. These movements denoted an enduring impact on youthful Modi.

4. Marital Status

Marital Status

For a long time, the marital status of Narendra Modi was not known, however, before the 2014 General Elections, Modi filled in certain papers wherein he referenced his wife’s name in one of the segments. When he was an adolescent, he was hitched to Jashodaben Chimanlal by their folks. In any case, the marriage did not turn into a quintessential relationship as not long after the marriage, he left home and set out on his voyage in legislative issues.

5. Narendra Modi: BJP’s Lucky Charm

BJP's Lucky Charm

He joined BJP in 1987, that year when BJP won Ahmedabad Municipal Elections, and from that point forward it never lost the Municipal Elections in Ahmedabad. In the Ahmedabad Municipal Elections of the year 2000, BJP lost, incidentally, Narendra Modi was outside of Gujarat around then.

6. World’s third Most Followed Leader

World’s third Most Followed Leader

After President Donald Trump and Pope Francis. Narendra Modi is the world’s most followed leader on Twitter, accounting more than 44 million followers.

7. Sleep


In numerous meetings, he has expressed that he doesn’t rest much. He sleeps for 5 hours per day therefore. Independent of when he hits the bed, he is wake up by 5:30!

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